The benefits of probiotics (gut flora): break down foods into easily absorbed nutrients and act as natural antibiotics, kill unfriendly micro-organisms, improve digestion and maintain a healthy immune system. Our probiotic contains good bacteria lactobacillus acidophilus & bifidobacterium longum. Buy best probiotic supplement.

About Good Bacteria & Intestinal Flora(Gut): Best Probiotics - Buy Probiotic Supplements UK & Europe

We’re Not Alone in Our Quest for Health
The human body is home to a host of
microorganisms that work together
with the body to create optimal
health. The greatest concentration
of these organisms can be found
in the intestinal system, where this
miniature ecology of microbes -
known collectively as the gut flora -
aids in the digestive process and the
absorption of nutrients. The delicate
balance of healthy gut flora can be
disrupted by a number of circumstances,
including the use of antibiotics, excess
alcohol, stress, disease and exposure to
environmental toxins.

Maintaining the Balance
When unfavorable conditions work to reduce the number of friendly microbes in the intestinal system, it allows unwanted bacteria to grow and flourish in its place. Such a condition not only impairs digestion and nutrient absorption but also, in allowing harmful microorganisms to thrive, may compromise the immune system and lead to illness.

What are Probiotics?
As defined by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the term probiotic refers to "live microorganisms administered in adequate amounts, which confer a beneficial health effect on the host.” In layman’s terms, a probiotic is a dietary supplement containing live microorganisms that works to improve overall health. Almost all probiotics are bacteria, small, single-celled organisms. The most popular bacterias used in probiotics come from the Lactobacillus or Bifidobacterium family. Some probiotics, such as Lactobacillus reuteri, have been studied for their health benefits for more than 50 years. Aside from supplements, most probiotics can be found in fermented dairy foods such as yogurt.

          Why You Need Them?

Recent scientific investigation suggests that
probiotics are a valuable part of a healthy
diet. They act as natural health  promoters
by populating the gastrointestinal tract
with friendly microbes, which strengthens
intestinal defenses, boosts immunity
and promotes greater health. The
presence of probiotics in the intestinal
system maintains populations of
beneficial bacteria and suppresses the
growth of unfriendly microorganisms in
the gut. It is especially useful to employ
probiotics after taking antibiotics. As antibiotics indiscriminately destroy both good and bad bacteria
in the body, probiotics help to replenish healthful
microorganisms and preserve intestinal health.

Good health begins with balance, especially in the intestinal system. Probiotics help maintain the delicate balance of friendly microorganisms in the intestines and promote health on several levels. Nature’s Sunshine has developed some of the most potent probiotic supplement - Probiotic Eleven, to help you stay healthy and balanced from the inside out.

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