The benefits of multivitamins: increase energy, supports circulatory system, maintain immune system, improve immune functions, maintain the nervous system and supports the body in stress. In Nature's Sunshine Products (NSP) online shop you can buy best vitamins, minerals & multivitamin supplements. Buy best vitamin supplements

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Making up the Difference
A multivitamin helps bridge the nutritional
gaps between the foods you eat and
the needs of your body. According to
an article published in the Journal of
the American Medical Association,
"Most people do not consume an
optimal amount of all vitamins by
diet alone. It appears prudent for all
adults to take vitamin supplements.”
But a vitamin alone is not enough; you
also need essential minerals. Vitamins
and minerals are interdependent, requiring
the presence of one another to receive the full
benefits of either.

Vitamins in the Body
A vitamin is an organic compound required by the body for essential metabolic reactions. They are bio-molecules that act as both catalysts for and agents in chemical reactions throughout the body. Vitamins are classified as either water-soluble or fat-soluble, and they are vital for the normal growth, development and maintenance of cells, tissues and organs that make up the body. The human body requires 13 basic vitamins, four fat-soluble (vitamins A, D, E and K) and nine water-soluble (8 B-vitamins and vitamin C). Because the body doesn’t store most vitamins, we have to consume them consistently to avoid deficiency. Vitamins promote the fluidity of blood, aid in blood clotting, and support the structural and circulatory systems. They act as coenzymes to carry chemical groups throughout the body, improve immune function, maintain the nervous system, promote energy, maintain good vision and support the body in times of stress. Some vitamins also possess powerful antioxidant properties.

              Minerals in the Body

Dietary minerals are the chemical elements
required for the sustained existence of living
organisms. They can be classified as either
macro minerals, which are necessary in
relatively large amounts, and micro or
trace minerals, which are required
in relatively small amounts. Minerals
have a profound affect on overall health
as they support the structural system,
neutralize acidity, aid in the production
of red blood cells and increase energy
production. Some minerals, such as
magnesium, are necessary for a variety of
enzymatic reactions and other vital body functions.

Vitamins and minerals act as the building blocks of health. They lay the foundation for everything that goes on inside our bodies; thus, consuming sufficient amounts of vitamins and minerals is of the utmost importance. Nature’s Sunshine’s multivitamin and mineral supplements provide complete, balanced nutrition, offering 100 percent or more of most vitamins and generous amounts essential minerals.

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