The benefits of enzymes: normalize digestion process, helps the body digest all food types and helps break down difficult to digest foods, normalize stomach acids ph level. Natures Sunshine (NSP) food enzyme supplements helps to maintain a healthy digestive system. Buy best digestive enzymes.

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What is an Enzyme?
Enzymes are some of the most remarkable
organic compounds known to man.
Complex proteins by nature, they
have the ability to initiate and
accelerate necessary chemical
reactions within the body. Almost
all processes in a biological cell
need enzymes in order to occur
properly. Enzymes work by lowering
the activation energy of a chemical
reaction, dramatically accelerating the
rate of the reaction as a result. Most
enzyme reaction rates are millions of times
faster than the comparable uncatalyzed reactions.
In fact,
without enzymes, most reactions would take too
long to occur to be beneficial - if they happened at all. In the body, enzymes are known to aid in about 4,000 different reactions.

Digestion and Enzymes
Enzymes are very specialized, meaning that each enzyme only works in one or at most a handful of chemical reactions. Digestive enzymes work to transform foods into simpler, more usable materials. Food itself is essentially just a mixture of chemicals that is too complex for the body to use without first being broken down into its basic components. Enzymes unlock the benefits of vitamins, minerals, and proteins and put them to work in the body. As we age, our bodies produce fewer enzymes; and, depending on our dietary choices, we may get little help from the foods we eat.

Enzymes and pH
The activity of enzymes is strongly affected by changes in pH (acidity) and temperature within the body. Each enzyme works best at a certain pH and temperature. The pepsin enzyme works best in the stomach where volatile stomach acids create a pH level of 1-2. The enzyme trypsin is inactive at such a low pH, but it is very active in the small intestine as pancreatic fluids neutralize contents arriving from the stomach and create a pH of 8.

           Your Need for Enzymes

Enzymes run every function in our entire body.
Digestive enzymes break down the foods
we eat so they can be used as a source
of nutrients and energy. Each cell in
your body relies on the raw materials
provided to the body by digestive
enzymes. If you don’t have enough
enzymes, you can develop numerous
diseases. All the food and nutritional
supplements you consume won’t do any
good if they are not sufficiently broken
down and absorbed by the body.


The foods you eat - even if you eat a healthy diet - are only as good as your digestion. Digestive enzymes help your body replenish its store of vital nutrients. With a balanced formula of enzymes and other digestive aids, Nature’s Sunshine’s enzyme supplement "Proactazyme" helps you get the most out of your meals.

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