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Why Chose Nature's Sunshine?
These days you can find natural health products in most grocery or convenience stores. So why choose Nature’s Sunshine products? Quite simply, Nature’s Sunshine offers the highest quality natural health products available plus wonderful educational and business opportunities. Nature’s Sunshine has nearly four decades of experience in the natural health industry and was the first company to encapsulate herbs. Take a moment to become acquainted with Nature’s Sunshine.

Nature’s Sunshine recognizes you for your hard work. We do our best to make sure you feel appreciated with a generous compensation plan, great benefits and special awards and recognition.

Over half of every dollar the company receives is paid back to
its Members and Managers in rebates, commissions and benefits.

Business Opportunity for Everyone
The Nature’s Sunshine Products wholesale supplement business opportunity is for everyone, and we want people just like you!

NSP’s flexible business opportunity is much more than quality supplements at wholesale prices, industry-leading rebates, unique sponsoring bonuses and lucrative group commissions - it’s the whole package!

As a Member, you’ll enjoy company–sponsored product and business training, world-class events and exotic vacations around the globe. Our recognition program acknowledges your efforts as you develop new skills and talents while sharing improved health and prosperity with others.

Awards and Recognition
As an NSP Manager, you have the opportunity to qualify for awards like the NSP President’s Trophy Award, Manager of the Year and our Top Achievers Club vacation. Leaders in the categories of sponsoring, manager development and sales are also recognized. Simply earn some products for free, and make a living helping others.

Nature's Sunshine Products - More than a job - It's a journey with a global mission.
If you share our founder's values of quality, service and integrity and their worldwide mission of helping people to healthier, happier lives, then you may feel right at home at NSP.

"Quality is not just a word, it's the employees' way of expressing their respect for the company and for the high-quality products we offer our customers."
- Gene Hughes

"The employees of Nature's Sunshine have built a reputation for legendary service to our customers. This reputation is known throughout the world. It has taken special people to build this standing and to maintain it."
- Kristine Hughes

"Integrity is doing what’s right just because it is right and not because someone is forcing you. It is being completely honest and trustworthy. Integrity is an invisible commodity, but you certainly feel and see the results of it as it touches every aspect of our lives."
- Pauline Hughes

At NSP we try to pattern our work by these three core values. They define who we are and form the foundation upon which all decisions are made for employees, customers and stockholders.

Nature's Sunshine's Mission Statement
Our mission is to enhance the physical, material and mental well-being of our field sales force and customers worldwide by providing health and lifestyle-oriented products and service of uncompromising quality and integrity. We dedicate our efforts to recognizing and rewarding the contributions of our field sales force, shareholders and employees to the success of Nature's Sunshine Products.

About Company Habit of Health Shop Online (Europe) NSP Opportunities Contacts / Feedback

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